When we wish to awaken, we return to our hearts – we falter in our minds and we see failure and disappointment, yet in our hearts chambers plays an, old and long forgotten song, when we return to this place, the unknown and seemingly unfamiliar feelings that flood into our awareness are caught up in our minds and a tangled web of chaos can prevail, this is the chaos that ultimately sets us free to become all that we desire, yet we are ill-equipped at times to receive such grace, feelings of not being worthy of it rise from our minds and resistance sets in, this resistance is the very crux of the matter, the place where the latent long lost magic occurs when we step out of the minds dramas and into the unknown and as yet manifest parts, the growing of the comfort zone doesn’t stop and the multiple possibility is the potential that is always latent within us.

Sometimes it can be and feel stuck or dormant, this dormancy is the thing which holds us back and causes feelings of lack and worthlessness as within the midst of swirling time are the keys that maybe hidden by your mind. You may have just lost or temporarily mislaid those keys for the time being and now with my individually tailor-made, varied levels programmes you can locate and pin-point these keys and open the doors that have appeared locked for so very long.

As you are all individuals with vastly varied life-paths, differently based perspectives and inner long held self-doubting beliefs I use vastly, varied techniques, as an empath and shape-shifter I can work with your perspectives and I understand fully the self-doubt, the self-sabotage that is truly part of us and needs to be worked out in order for the process to begin an inner journey, to help you discover key by key, door by door, setting the pace to suit your working style, needs, processing and absorption speeds.

As you set out your intentions with me to be accountable for, when we feel into them together, as I guide you through these journeys of discovery’s of keys to the open door of self-realisation upon which you can then build and then we really do make Transformational Shifts and let go of the old to make way for the fresh, the brand-new the as yet unknown yet best version of self you can be.

Willow offers:

A High Level of Energy Work that is easy to connect with & understand on many levels, fun & fulfilling packages that are split into just the Energy work in the basic modules & in the advanced modules includes Mentoring & are in place for those who wish to Claim their Life & Energy back through Inner Discovery”. These packages are Potent & Powerful & offer a high level of support in your journey throughout them. Maybe you have practical goals like a better job, a more balanced lifestyle or are considering starting a small business or something else out of your comfort zone? I can help here too. For those on a Spiritual Path looking for deeper meaning in life – I have a gift of revealing to you what maybe hidden – I hold keys to unlock your highest potentials.