Onto our 5th Chakra our Throat Energy Centre

The Colour Blue symbolises this Energy Centre

This Chakra/Energy Centre connects us to our ability to communicate, speech, expression of feelings & the truth

Is our Communication & Healing

It is our feelings, healing nature, life force energy centre and where our articulation and creative communication comes alive

In our world we can share our voice, our ideas and truth. When this energy centre is clear & balanced it can allow our truth to be on high, allows us to communicate easily with other as we learn how to creatively flow our desires into words When Balanced together with all other energy centres allows us to FLOW BEAUTIFULLY towards finding our OWN TRUTH/

It is our centre for feelings and openness to be expressed and is connected to the physical via the Parathyroid, ears, Sinuses, teeth, vocal chords & our Respiratory system.

This area is our love & compassion energy centre, it aids us in our ideas & in our healing nature & creativity.