Onto our 3rd Chakra our Solar Plexus Energy Centre

The Colour Yellow symbolises this Energy Centre
This Chakra/Energy Centre connect us to other people & our Energy & Vitality

Is our Will Power

It is our Inner strength & Self control energy centre and where our purpose, & striving for perfection stems from

In our world we need to muster up Inner strength & Self control in various situations when this energy centre is clear & balanced can allow our efficiency to be balanced, allows us to get on with things and when balanced together with all other energy centres allows us to FLOW BEAUTIFULLY we can imagine Yellow in this area to help with the breath and call upon our Inner strength to guide us forward.

It is our BODIES BATTERY connected to the physical via the stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine & TO OUR CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM

This area is our efficiency centre, that aids us in our dynamic lives and holds our will power and anger