Onto our 4th Chakra our Heart Energy Centre

The Colours Green & Bright Pink symbolises this Energy Centre

IT IS MY BELIEF (and strongly feels this way when I work with my clients in this area) THAT GREEN IS FOR LOVE FOR OTHERS AND TO RECEIVE FROM OTHERS AND THE PINK IS FOR SELF LOVE

This Chakra/Energy Centre connects us to sharing, balance & connection to self and others

Is our Love & Compassion

It is our Trusting, Self-Esteem & Forgiveness energy centre and where our trust, flexibility and coping skills are.

In our world we can trust in the process, we can do things to raise our self-esteem and we can share with others. When this energy centre is clear & balanced it can allow our flexibility to be on high, allows us to grow as we learn new ideas and find coping mechanisms suitable to our situations. When Balanced together with all other energy centres allows us to FLOW BEAUTIFULLY.

It is our CENTER FOR LOVE and is connected to the physical via the Lymphatic system, the Circulatory system and our blood pressure

This area is our love & compassion energy centre, it aids us in our relationship & in our respecting of self and others.

Many thanks