Onto our 7th Chakra our Crown Energy Centre (Spiritual teachings have known of these 7 for some time – we have more and they are being activated during the Great Shift in Consciousness

The Colour Golden or Violet symbolises this Energy Centre (this varies within cultures or spiritual learning and there is no right or wrong) I believe it is a glowing golden spinning orb some cultures depict it as a funnel shape – neither is wrong or right……..this is energy and we all translate energy in varying degrees

This Chakra/Energy Centre connects us to our Spiritual Love & Compassion

Is our Divinity & Higher Values

It is our Enlightenment & Transcendence – helping us with spiritual understanding & Cosmic Consciousness

We can share our world in peace, harmony & unity with other if we choose to. When this energy centre is clear & balanced it can allow our Loving, Thoughtful, Focused Cosmic Love flow in. When Balanced together with all other energy centres allows us to FLOW BEAUTIFULLY towards finding our OWN DIVINITY.

It is our centre for Inspiration & helps to Understand Meditation & Dreams and is connected to the physical via the Pineal gland, brain, head, cerebral cortex, upper spine, hair and our Central Nervous System

This area is our Enlightenment & Higher Self/Source Connection/Universal Consciousness energy centre, it aids us in seek out the highest good for all in unity and pours in Cosmic Love and upgrades, replenishes and resources itself from the source energies in the Universe & Cosmos.