Onto our 6th Chakra our Brow/Third Eye Energy Centre

The Colour Purple, Indigo or Violet symbolises this Energy Centre (this varies within cultures or spiritual learning and there is no right or wrong)

This Chakra/Energy Centre connects us to our ability to be intuitive & understanding

Is our Sixth Sense & Psychic Awareness

It is our Intuition & Clairvoyance – helping us to articulate our creative communications

In our world we can share our knowing, our visions & our imaginations perceptions with other if we choose to. When this energy centre is clear & balanced it can allow our Psychic abilities to reignite so we feel part of the bigger picture and feel to be of service to others. When Balanced together with all other energy centres allows us to FLOW BEAUTIFULLY towards finding our OWN PATHS.

It is our centre for Awareness & Meditation to take place and is connected to the physical via the Pituitary gland, Hypothalamus, eyes, sinuses & our Endocrine Nervous System

This area is our Imagination & Knowing energy centre, it aids us in seeing the bigger picture so we can not be wrapped up too much in our own lives and is connected to service to others.