Onto our 2nd Chakra our Sacral Energy Centre

The Colour Orange symbolises this Energy Centre

This Chakra/Energy Centre connect us to other people & our emotions

Is our Life Force

It is our sensuality & sexuality energy centre and where our desires, & creativity stem from

In our world we need other human beings to pro-create with, for companionship & to share and express emotions with and this energy centre being clear & balanced can allow our need for intimacy be balanced, allows us to let go of things that no longer serve purpose and we can imagine Orange in this area to help with the breath and overcome overwhelming feeling and those Butterflies in the tummy.

It is connected to the physical via the spleen, kidneys, the bowels, the inner reproductive organs (ovaries/gonads) & TO OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM

This area is our sense of connection to others and the ability to accept others and NEW EXPERIENCES