I am not sure this will work for me, I’m different?

I am not sure this will work for me, I’m different?

All my packages are rolled out to suit the Individuals needs and are Uniquely Tailored specifically to your lifestyle & desires. These are Energy work packages or Mindset & Heart-Set packages that are tried & tested, along with an Energy work element that has been worked for hundreds of years. This work is beautiful and transforming and works for my clients. But you are right not everything is suited to everyone that is why I have created Packages that don’t just focus on one thing, there are various styles & elements with varied techniques that I know & am gifted with and will show & teach you the ones that will work for whatever it is your dealing with right now. I also have a Full Money Back Guarantee in place as I am so sure of the results you will gain.

How much time is involved, I lead a very busy life?

I understand that your time is precious. At present it feels like you can’t fit anything else into your busy schedule. The good news is I will give you great mindset exercises and time saving strategies that will allow you to fully focus on life/business/work/family, my packages really address the procrastinating, self-sabotaging thoughts or behaviours and allows for getting things done efficiently the first-time round, saving you time allowing for more of what you really want to be doing.

The Mentoring, Energy work & Accountability Calls along with the Mindset and Hearts Desires that you will create can take no longer than 50 minutes to hour a day, yet for those who really want change quickly, who put more time in will in turn get more out. You will find that as you go through the package with me you will have more free time to focus on your Mindset, your Hearts Desires and your family and friends, whilst still getting everything you need to and more done in your business or at work.

The Packages sound great but I feel like I can do this by myself. I feel I want to try it on my own before I sign up?

From my personal experience, when you are left to your own devices the weeks and months go by and nothing changes. You may set up a positive routine to help you, but it can be a lonely place on the down days or when overwhelm rears its head. Without accountability and mentoring tasks, needs, dreams & heart’s desire pale into insignificance. Without the support, things will fall to the wayside, you will start to feel alone and isolated, which in turn makes everything feel harder and unobtainable.
By joining me you get accountability, support, help with decisions, I will help you to adjust to changes, spring forth your dreams & hearts desires & accelerate your life forward. Without the package structure, accountability, mentoring, access to a group of like-minded woman and access to the positive vibes & camaraderie this brings, you tend to go back to your old ways, instead of forging ahead and keeping hold of the new positive habits. Therefore, I have a Mentor too…in fact I have two, an Accountability Coach for my Business plans & an Upgrade your Life Mentor for my Heart’s Desires. I do so as I wish for my life to continually be consistent, to continue to be the one I created, the one I only used to dream about. I will always have Mentor & Coach because I want to move forward fast, effortlessly and effectively. I know too well that I would slack off, give up & lose my focus without them on my side.

I want the Gold Package but can only afford Silver, what should I do?

This comes up at lot with my clients, where you fit the profile of the Gold Package, but the bank balance just won’t manage to fit with that investment yet. My suggestion would be to join the Silver Package to gain more Energy & Clarity in your life with the target of graduating to the Gold Package directly after completing the Silver Package. You will have gained more energy, you will have created a clearer path of Hearts Desire, created more space & time in your life and will be attracting more of what you want into your life to make the choices you wish to. Many of my clients start with Silver with a view of Going for Gold.

I want the Diamond Package but can only afford Platinum, what should I do?

This also comes up at lot with my clients, where you fit the profile of the Diamond Package, but the bank balance just won’t manage to fit with that investment yet. My suggestion would be to join the Platinum Package with a target of graduating onto the Diamond Package directly after the Platinum Package. You will have set the wheels in motion, created more space & time in your life, created more abundance in your life and be fully ready to commit without any hesitation to the Diamond Package and will be living the life you only previously dreamt of.

I want to do this, but I am not sure my partner will be ok with it…How can I get them on board?

I get asked this frequently, as your partner may not have heard of me or even understand what this is all about. I would suggest you show them the Clients Love/Success Stories, show them the Money Back Guarantee & my Package Offer Letter. I can if you desire talk them through the package you have selected and answer any concerns. When picking anything new I would go with your gut instinct, if a Package speaks to you, trust yourself and go for it, you won’t regret it. Remember lots of partners at first are sceptical of what I do but when they begin to see all the positive results you gain they are more curious and are very welcome to receive a FREE Energy Session to explore for themselves further with no obligation to sign .

I have worked with mentors/coaches before and it’s not been successful…what makes you differ from them?

I can’t comment on what other mentors and coaches do, as I don’t know their packages or styles. But I do know this Package has worked for me and it has worked for my clients. They are Individually Tailored Packages to suit you and you alone. All packages are easy to follow with my guidance, support & input. My Relaxing, Fun & Magical Energy techniques do much of the work for you, so you just can’t go wrong! I know what I am doing as I work intuitively and in the moment offering you guaranteed results. I am empathic & understanding to your needs and I am fully committed to your transformational journey.

How do I know you are the right Mentor for me ?

Simple answer is I don’t. Only you know who resonates with you and I suggest that you research & contact at least 2 other Mentor’s/Coaches or Lifestyle Gurus to make sure you get the one that will bring out the best in you and who you feel deep in your heart & within your gut instinct is right for you. This is why I offer the FREE 50 minutes consultation so you know about me and my working style up front, therefore you can make an informed decision.