One Off Pearls of Wisdom Sessions

Not sure yet where you might fit in? Read more on the reasons why My ONE-OFF PEARLS OF WISDOM SESSIONS would suit you:

Where are you at?

You know you should be doing something about your well-being, energy levels and are looking for help with relaxation. Your life’s running to a pattern you love, you created it, you want to hold onto this momentum or increase it. Your happy, fulfilled yet at times stressed out to the max and wish for time out without the salon, spa or gym. Your short on time as your life’s so full-on, busy & jam packed. You want something that’s fast, reliable, lasting & effective. You CAN commit to JUST 5 minutes every day for 28 days to solidify the One-Off Session.

What problems might you be facing right now?

Your life is full on and at times stress levels run high. You spend much of your time running on empty. You used to take time out to relax & you either stopped because life got in the way or because your lifestyle doesn’t allow you much time out any more. You have a life so full that you find it hard to commit to ongoing sessions but at the same time you like the idea of having just 30 minutes ALL to yourself just when you need it.

What you need help with right now?

You need to get a regular way to relax. You want someone to guide you through the process. You are looking for flexibility and where available a session at the drop of a hat. You know you need help and assistance with relaxing fully and letting go of what no longer serves you purpose. You need advice on how to apply Relaxation & Energetic Connection within your everyday life & not just for that 30 minute session. You want the comfort of knowing how to tap into these energies from someone you know in person and trust.

How can the Pearls of Wisdom help you?

Each session is Individually Tailored to your needs. You can book in last minute where availability is flexible. You will find it simple and easy to feel relaxed and re-energised as I guide you beautifully into a place of oneness with yourself. Advice and tips for things to do outside the session so you can continue to improve your energy levels and feeling relaxed yet also more motivated and you will have accountability so you meet your goals and see the changes you want to see.

It includes:

  • A wonderful session that is Tailored Individually to you where you feel t one with yourself
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group with myself & other like-minded ladies with extra tips and advice
  • Text or email reminders so you remember to follow up on the sessions
  • Feedback on your session so you know where you are at energy wise
  • Tips on how to harness your energies so you can flow in your life better & more easily making new challenges seem less daunting
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