Client Love & Success Stories

“I had a revealing Skype session with Willow. It was the discussion Willow structured that allowed me to question myself and pull out thoughts and barriers. The simple act of using breathing to interrupt distractions or stress moments kind of just worked in the background without trying”!

Nevil Kapadia - Chessington

“Willow was amazing at getting me to relax and feel into the session. She explained what would happen during the session and answered my questions.

I felt really refreshed after the session and calm which for me as an overthinker is great.
Enjoyed it and can feel the benefits already.”

R Larrett - Kent

“I have been into spirituality and self-development for a few years, and I’ve worked hard to grow my faith in life and in myself. However, I was having feelings of extreme confusion and feeling unable to have full faith. I was having doubts that I’d never had before.

Willow worked with me and put me in a deep meditative state. I went into a past life and saw a scene play out that made me realise where the confusion came from – it wasn’t from this life, but a past life. I realise there was a gap in my knowledge, and I had a huge ‘why’ I had to get an answer for. Willow listened to me when I opted to stay with the past life open, instead of clearing it, to get the answer I was looking for.

The next day I got the answer I was looking for, and stepped up to the next stage of development. Thank you so much, Willow. You helped me to the next stage of my life and I can’t thank you enough.”

Imani Rastafari - St.Lucia

“I had my first 30 minutes Energy Centres Rebalance session with Willow via Skype, and was very curious of what she would be doing at a distance and if it’d work. The experience was very relaxing overall, and I felt a deep sense of calm. I could feel some warmth on some chakras as she was working.

I had been very unfocused, procrastinating and on edge for over a week before the session but felt grounded and at peace afterwards. I had a strong reaction around the sacrum as my hip bone clicked on my back releasing tension that had been preventing me from moving freely for 4 days.
Overall, it has been a pleasure to experience Willow’s magic and I would highly recommend it.”

Solenn M - Surbiton

“Through my sessions with Willow, I definitely feel a change has taken place in me. The sessions I have had, have helped me grow on a personal level, and have helped me move forward in so many ways.
Before I was stuck in limbo, unsure of what path to take in life. My sessions with Willow, have helped me to look at the life before me, in a more positive and calm way. My anxiety and confusion over things, that were beyond my control were eased, and have learnt that it is ‘ok’ not to have complete control over the future, to relax and let go! To me this was a huge relief, and has made me a happier person throughout. My family have commented on the new relaxed me! Letting go seemed such a hard thing to do, but Willow guided me with her knowledge and expertise.

Willow listened and understood the important changes that I was trying so desperately to make in my life, but they just were not happening for me! Willow did not judge me, or pass comment on my insecurities. For me this was so important, because to open up to someone can be so hard to do, but a very important and necessary step!

Sometimes in my sessions with Willow, i had to look backwards, before i was able to move forwards. This was necessary for me, and helped me understand my life so far, and how to progress from now on. Not to learn from my ‘mistakes’ because they are not. I have learnt from Willow, to think of them as lessons or experiences.

This in turn, has raised my self-confidence, and instead of giving up on things if they don’t quite go to plan, it has helped me to carry on trying, or take a step back, and maybe try things a slightly different way!

For me, the acceptance of who I am as a person was my biggest stumbling block.

Willow guided me through the sessions, which helped me in my personal quest for a greater understanding of the person I am, an individual!

A very much happier, relaxed and confident one”!

Ms Griffiths - Wales

“My first session with Willow was really good! We worked via Skype and I was able to deeply relax and feel more connected. Willow is very intuitive and caring. Thank you! “

Isabel Gondar - UK