About me

I experienced a severe Mental Health Breakdown in 2013 and firmly believe this was down to negative mind talk, disconnection to myself, self-sabotaging thoughts, lack of self-worth, neglect of self-care and general feelings of failure in life of just not being good enough or being “too different” to ever fit in with the mainstream. I had lost my Mum suddenly and then got married in a whirlwind romance, that didn’t work out the first time or the second time when we re-married after my break-down.

These seeming downfalls, breakdowns and mistakes have in contrast been all my saving graces as the downfalls allowed me to pull myself back up through inner strength, the as I now call them “breakthroughs” allowed me to find self-belief and the mistakes have allowed me to see exactly what I don’t need in my life and point me towards what I do need.

This brought me to a place where I have so much to be grateful for, so many life experiences, so many bitter-sweet moments and so much self-knowing, connection, practises & tools for keeping me balanced.
Early in 2017 I took on regular coaching to propel my life forward and with someone to hold me accountable each month really allows for my desires to become actions and facilitates my actions to gains allowing things to come to fruition. This has in turn increased my confidence and self-worth and has led me to a position where I feel well-equipped to give something back and to help others to explain the importance of staying connected to themselves, to explore within themselves at a level that is right for them and to expand their horizons, excite the inner journey and extend their longing to achieve all their hearts desire.

The reasons I have for doing this are:

  • I feel strongly and passionately that ALL of US are capable of much more than we can ever imagine & I foster this belief into my work with you.
  • I am also fully aware how sometimes life can appear dull, mundane or simply meaningless & I can help you to find more sparkle, more meaning & excitement.
  • I am fully aware that life can be unbearably unhappy, unfulfilling and emotionally painful at times & help you overcome this and see life’s trails and tribulations in a new light.
  • I am also aware that as Human Beings in our modern & busy worlds we may not always have the loving, guiding, cheerleading support from our friends, family, peers, colleagues etc that we would in an ideal world like to have & by following the sessions I facilitate you will find you are your best sources of support, love and guidance.
  • I know, feel and live this deep inner longing of desire within that aching feeling to make more of life that nagging yet knowing raw feeling of lack and scarcity you feel clawing at your heart strings so well & I can turn this lack and scarcity into gain and abundance.
  • I am highly aware and tuned into what often occurs at the very same time this this inner longing shows up which can come along with feelings of utter despair, spiralling fear and on occasion seeming paralysis comes creeping alongside the ache within for change & I can show how this feeling can be worked in unison with love and care instead of battling against it like it’s a war within.

With all of this in mind it boils down to knowing very well the need to re-align with the longing and connection to self that is required when these creeping fears come along the bitter-sweet journey of seeking to bring your life into alignment. Therefore, I offer personally tailored programmes to fit your personality, beliefs, hopes, desires, likes and dislikes. Making sure you gain the very best of self-exploration for whatever that means to you.

I really care and am passionate that as many Human Beings as possible journey, locate and learn to really listen to their Inner Voice in whatever way they can. With this in mind I made the choice to became a facilitator to encourage others to unlock the Inner Strength I firmly believe we all have deep within. I fought hard to have my voice heard in my peer groups, families and relationships during my recovery and my ultimate breakthrough was starting a business to walk along side by side with people just like you.

I learnt to become a Warrior without Weapons with no need of enemies and in turn have become my own best friend. I came out victorious through stepping out of my comfort zones to escape a life I had grown tired of, by holding my head high through the darkest of moments, holding and squeezing my own hand, digging deep within and RE-sourcing myself from my Inner Knowing. I personally tailor the work I do with you as I am firm believer that deep down you already know how to do this you just need a guiding hand, a kind ear and a firm set of actions to delve into this place finding the keys within that unlock the latent potentials you may have overlooked, never seen or have simply forgotten.

With all these life experiences and ways of seeing a way out that I have gained over time I am confident I can help you deliver your own set of results as I have walked the path of lost many times, I know the paths to return victorious, I know how to overcome the stumbling blocks and unlock the closed doors that appear to be in the way by guiding you to the flowing paths that lead to your achievements, help you find your inner strength to climb the stumbling blocks and appear over the other side of them stronger and more well-equipped and help you to locate the inner keys to unlock the doors that have been closed until now.

How This Approach Benefits You

My approach to your Personal Journey encompasses all that you are, all you will be and all your capable of becoming, by inviting you to Explain what you wish to achieve to Explore parts of you as yet undiscovered, Expand into new horizons, Excite and shake up your longing and to Extend this new found ground-breaking desires into your everyday life.

Benefits include:

  • Getting to know yourself on a deeper level so life is more of what you want and less of what you don’t
  • Finding out parts of yourself that may have been hidden for some time that show up your worth and growing your comfort zones at a pace that suits you
  • Having accountability and guidance to foster the changes and achievements you wish to create in your life
  • Being more comfortable in your own skin so you can shine, show up and be your own best friend and cheerleader
  • Keeping you on track to give more meaning, hope, determination and drive towards your true potentials and gaining all you desire your life to be like.
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